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Furniture Leasing

WIN HAL offers a variety of leasing possibilities, including Rental Lease (rent and care service) and Financial Lease (hire, purchase and maintenance).


There are two forms of Rental Lease: Rental-P is furniture leasing for a certain period of time, generally less than three years. This is useful if you spend a restricted amount of time in a country or place. The furniture is then returned to WIN HAL after this period of time. This is ideal for diplomats and top managers (or other people who have to move around in their job).

Rental-L is a long-term leasing possibility, usually for a period of four years. At the end of this time WIN HAL takes the furniture back and you are then able to choose new designs or to vary your furnishings. This is suitable for hotels, businesses and also for the individual who is looking for something different. At the end of the leasing period with Financial-Lease the furniture will belong to you.
Naturally we shall care for and maintain your furniture during the leasing period for all forms of leasing.
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